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The queen was so thrilled, that she somewhat greedily, sorted through the magnificent baskets over-flowing with fine pastel satin cloths, luxurious laces and fabulous sample goods of all kinds that were brought to her by the couturier.  Excitedly, she grabbed the baskets one after the other. “I’ll take them all! As well as thy bloomin' baskets!" she exclaimed. "For me and my palace,” she added. "Now, quickly—get thy work accomplished!"

Victorian Bazaar is pleased to present to you our version of the Bloomin' Baskets. One needn’t be a great couturier to present his own rendition of a Victoriana flat. A little boiserie here—a little boiserie there and voila!

For example, our Bloomin’ Basket of woven, whitewashed willow is fashionable, as well as, functional and will help set the “mood”. It is attractive alone or use it to keep trinkets close at hand. It is romantically accented with a posy consisting of four (4) cranberry damask roses, one rosebud and a white double bow with a pretty lace ascot. It can sit royally in your favourite place.

Love is in the air

Approximately 13"x9".  Click on picture for larger view.


Price:  $39.00



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