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Blue Violets and Lavendar Bows Hat

It has long been said that “Good things come in small packages,” and this is certainly true of our smallest decorative hat, designed for that special place in your home that only you can “do up” just right! This wee “darling” of a decorative, Victoriana hat suits that tiny spot on the wall where nothing else seems to fit!

You will find that it is a truly coordinated, colorful straw hat that resembles one that may have been worn on a “young girl child” of the Nineteenth Century. Picture herGood things come in small packages... wearing this, along with a youthful gown of lavender and blue-violet silk and organza, black button-up boots and a coy little smile to match!  Its bright, shimmering lavender ribbon band is surrounded by the prettiest two-tone small silk flowers of a blue and lavender colour. Deep green silk foliage gives the depth of colour needed to compliment our “Blue Violets and Lavender Bows Hat.”

Call it “small but mighty,” and one will have given a fairly good description of this profoundly lovely little addition to your decor... no matter where you put it, it will bring a roomful of good cheer and compliments from your delighted visitors!”


Blue Violets and Lavendar Bows Hat

Hat size approximately 7”

Price:  $13.95 each



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